New Development in Baltimore

A new property development is underway in Baltimore. The new proposal that was filed in January of 2015 included office spaces and apartments located on One Light Street. The new apartments and office spaces are both skyscrapers, which should attract tourists to Baltimore. It is expected to also help bring in revenue for the city.

The apartments and office space building is 33 stories tall. They offer over 300 apartments and about 10 floors of office spaces on the very top floors of the building. The building also has a parking garage which holds over 600 vehicles. The lot has been discussed for projects for many years where now a nice, skyscraper is about to stand to brighten the city. The building is owned by developer Madison Marquette.

Right down the street from the new property in Downtown Baltimore, they have turned a Bank of America into apartments as well. What use to be the Southern Hotel, has now turned into apartments and office spaces. The Southern Hotel was demolished in 2000.

Members of the city have been talking about ideas for a building for years at 1 Light Street. The members were first concerned about the stone base and how neighbors next to the building would feel about it being there. Another concern about the proposal was traffic concerns along the busy street. To fix this problem, they had vehicles enter the garage from a different street that wasn’t as busy compared to the other.

The project finally had support from the city members and they were all for the new building located at 1 Light Street. They are extremely excited about the new development and they hope it’s a good choice for 1 Light Street.

The city decided to introduce the public and members of the city to the site at a zoning board meeting and an architecture and urban design review panel for approval of the site. The site also had another proposal from another company but ultimately decided to go with the current development that is going on now. The other project proposal included a 16 story building with over 200 apartments and 7,000 square feet of retail space.

They have held several meetings about the recent development in Baltimore on 1 Light Street. During the proposal, the architecture review panel said that the new building would bring transformation to the area. They think it is a good idea because the area will continue to strive and grow.

Boarding Schools Opening the Door to Quality Education

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” These powerful words spoken by author, Victor Hugo, ring true in the minds of most loving parents. When it comes to education, parents are always looking for the best options to satisfy the needs of their children and set them straight for their futures. Boarding schools can do just that for students. Attending a boarding school can give students more than just an education. The benefits of attending a top notch boarding school include paving the path to prestigious colleges, joining a respected network of alumni, and being a part of an environment dedicated to encouraging learning.
One of the main goals of boarding schools in the US is to get their students into top colleges in the country. For example, Phillips Academy Andover, #2 in Business Insiders’ Most Elite Boarding Schools in the US, has in recent years, had dozens of students attend all eight Ivy League schools, with most attending, UPenn, Harvard and Yale. In addition, the small boarding school St. Paul’s School, #3 in Business Insiders’ Most Elite Boarding Schools in the US, with an enrollment of 541, has had students accepted into universities like Georgetown and Brown. Overall, attending a boarding school can increase students’ chances of being accepted into a well-respected college.
Furthermore, being a part of a boarding school allows students to join an elite network of alumni. For Philips Exeter Academy, ranked #1 in Business Insiders’ Most Elite Boarding Schools in the US, includes founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, as part of its distinguished alumni. Furthermore, Phillips Academy Andover, #2 in Business Insiders’ Most Elite Boarding Schools in the US, includes former US presidents George H.W. Bush, and George Bush, among their notable alumni. Moreover, Middlesex School, #8 in Business Insiders’ Most Elite Boarding Schools in the US, counts Bill Weld, former Massachusetts Gov., and Kevin Systrom, cofounder of Instagram, as one of its respected alumni. It is plain to see that attending a boarding school like St. George’s School creates connections between students to respected alumni with numerous opportunities at their fingertips.
Therefore, attending a well-respected boarding school enriches a student’s education. The US is full of prestigious boarding schools each with only one goal in mind, and that is to give its students the best possible education. Opening the door to education for students will lead to a brighter future for society.

Where to look for art to buy in Miami

Many people perceive art collection to be reserved for the elite in the society, those who are older and have attained a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree and have financial security. However, this is a flawed reasoning because anyone can collect art from whichever age. Moreover, collecting or buying art when young helps a person to develop their tastes over time. Famous personalities like Oprah Winfrey, George Lindemann , and Pharrell Williams are some of the people who love and collect art. Pharrell’s penthouse in Miami is known for its vast art collection. He is a huge fan of contemporary sculptures and painters like Takashi Murakami and KAWS. Miami has many famous museums and art collection galleries.

Perez Art Museum Miami is a beautiful place for anyone interested in collecting art. The museum is filled with many Latin American works, sculptural illustrations by international artists, and exhibits. Jorge Perez, who is a famous collector and Miami developer, donated a portion of his personal collection worth $20 million.

For the lovers of big Art Basel debuts, like Tracey Emin’s famous neon installation, Museum of Contemporary Art is the place to be. The museum has numerous exhibitions from international artists. The museum organizes an outdoor concert on the last Friday of every month for donations. The Museum of Contemporary Arts also offers art education conducted by local photographers and painters.
The Wolfsonian-FIU is one of the most exquisite venues where a person can find more than 180,000 objects, ephemeral items, rare books, and archives of mostly North American and European origin. These objects reflect the social, political, and technological changes that dominated the world and also demonstrate the significance of design in shaping modern word perceptions. Serious thinkers and art lovers converge here often.

Lowe Art Museum is known for its massive collection in the South Florida region. The museum contains arts from Africa, Ancient Americas, Ancient Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Asia. Architectural elements of pottery, textiles, archaeological objects, sculptors, metal works, and portrait painting are some of the antiquities that the museum has to offer. Lowe Art Museum is the place to be for those interested in paintings from renowned European artists such as Claude Monet.
Rubell Family Collection has the largest, privately owned contemporary collection in the world. The Rubell Family Collection boasts of pieces by famous artists like Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Damien Hist among others.

3 Top Executive Recruiters in DC

Having the proper management in place is essential to the success of any business. Because of this fact companies looking to fill executive positions on their staff often outsource the process to recruitment firms that have the connections and resources to conduct a thorough and timely search for the right candidate. Here are three firms in D.C. that have decades long reputations of success in placing top talent in high profile jobs.


For 40 years JDG has been building its stellar reputation as an executive recruiter in the DC area and nationally. With a four phase approach to the process of connecting companies with the proper executive leadership to carry out their visions JDG has successfully completed 4,000 searches. Their clients have included government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies and their approach to the task of matching talent to the job is to make the search a collaborative effort. JDG understands that the position, needs, and vision of each company they represent will need to be handled with a precise plan to find individuals who will meet the specific needs of the position.

Lucas Group

Lucas Group are a DC firm who use their knowledge of the area as well as their resources nationally to provide efficient services to their high profile clients. They understand the importance of lining up candidates whose experience and skills are compatible with the mission of the company and the needs of the position they look to fill. With a nine point plan of action and a philosophy of being professional, discreet, and exceeding expectations of their clients this firm has placed many qualified individuals in high profile jobs within a variety of businesses and companies within the DC area.

The McCormick Group

Since 1974 the McCormick Group has become the largest recruitment firm in DC. They represent a variety of companies but always focus on the same goal of providing excellent customer service by finding the right person for the job. Their commitment to diversity and the recruitment of highly qualified candidates have made them successful proven by the fact that 70% of their business is made up of clients they’ve served before who come back to fill other positions. They strive to fill positions with the right individual because they understand how that correlates directly to the success of business for themselves and their clients.

Artisanal Chocolate in LA

You can get some of the best artisanal chocolate in LA, with many options to look forward to. Some chocolatiers import and process cacao beans making for an authentic experience and flavor. A few going a step further making bean-to-bar chocolate.

Bean to bar means importing cacao beans, fermenting them and crafting the chocolate from scratch. They roast the cacao beans, crack and winnow them, grind them into chocolate, conch and then add their unique twist while tempering, molding and packaging the chocolate.

Artisanal chocolate Los Angeles is simply some of the best you can find. Many people will look for the specialized chocolate they need on the streets of LA. Be sure to check out some of our choices for artisanal and bean to bar chocolate in LA below:

ChocoVivo (Culver City, CA) – Considered the original bean-to-bar chocolate shop in LA, Patricia Tsai makes chocolate using stone-grinders – the same way the Mayans and Aztecs did thousands of years ago. Try her pure and blended bars, chocolate “mylk” or buy bags of cacao nibs and beans. This chocolate factory is one of the most authentic in the area.

Mast Brothers (Downtown LA) – One of the newer bean to bar chocolate makers in the Los Angeles area, the Mast Brothers have a new LA factory downtown that serves as a transparent window into the bean to bar process. Take a tour of the facility and try some of their creative bar flavors like goat milk, olive oil, and almond milk or take a taste of their non-alcoholic chocolate beer.

John Kelly Chocolates (Hollywood) – Another confectionery on the list would be the very authentic John Kelly chocolates. Kelly is a small batch chocolatier who specializes in chocolate fudge truffles, as well as a number of other specialties like chocolate caramels, clusters, and salty/spicy chocolate bars.

Why send your children to premier boarding schools

High school years are formative years that significantly influence the future of a young adult. It is, therefore, imperative that a child gets quality guidance, top notch skills, and a good GPA. Premier boarding schools offer all these and a doorway to Ivy League universities. Boarding schools in the U.S offer signature and specialized programs for holistic development. As much as they focus on achieving academic excellence, they insist on social networking development.

Some of the top boarding schools in the U.S. include Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, The Putney School in Vermont, St. George’s School in Rhode Island and Church Farm School in Pennsylvania among many others. Here are some qualities that set boarding schools apart.

Committed teachers
Boarding schools are known to hire teachers with degrees and masters in their areas of specialty. They are passionate about instilling knowledge in the young minds. Teachers in these schools focus on academic matters only. The high levels of discipline in the schools, ensures teachers do not double up as control masters.

Sports facilities
Sports programs offer diverse fields of development. Students use different games to qualify into universities. Most boarding schools offer numerous sports programs that compete regionally and globally. College football coaches use such competitions to scout for new talents.

Opportunity to become independent
Students in boarding schools are very independent. They spend long periods away from home making decisions without their parent’s input. By the time they go to college, they are fully in charge of their future. They can resist social pressures that come with college years as they already know how to balance their social and academic lives. On the other hand, students from public schools take time to adapt in college as they are accustomed to people at home looking out for them.

Intense study programs.
Curriculums in boarding schools are very intense. These schools pride themselves on high acceptance rates to Ivy League universities. They push their students’ academic capabilities to an optimum. In most cases they triple the amount of work their counterparts do in public schools. The students are always studying or doing other engaging activities. It helps them stay away from vices such as alcoholism and teenage sex.

Positive environment
Cheaper tuition fee in public schools opens it up to students from all walks of life. Boarding schools are relatively expensive and therefore a bit selective when it comes to education excellence. It means students in boarding schools commit more time to their education unlike those in public schools. They get to spend time among other likeminded students which makes it easy to have positive growth.
Boarding schools focus on bringing out only the best in the young adults. By providing social facilities such as art and media centers, they encourage them to find their talents. Building a successful career from talent and academics is possible.

Create Your Own Piece of Art

You surely have seen on different TV shows about interior design, that the designers constantly use different pieces of art – paintings or sculptures – to decorate one room or another. If you have ever wondered why they do it, the answer is pretty simple – a hand-made item is appreciated more than something that you can find in a store, something that was made in a factory by a machine.

art-handThere is always a certain beauty in an object that you have made with your own hands – the imperfections, the signs that it was hand-made, the time that you have spend doing it – all this contribute to its value. The truth is that this is the reason why many hand-made items are expensive, and you can include here almost anything from simple bracelets to clothes, paintings, furniture and so on.

If you want to create your own piece of art to hang on the walls of your house, we have some ideas and also some steps that can guide you. You don’t need to be an artist to do this, as all you need is some imagination and the right tools and materials.

An Abstract Painting

You say about a painting that it is abstract when that painting has only colors in it – lines, dots, mixes of color, without a certain shape and without representing anything in particular. You don’t need to be Arts-logoa great artist to do such a painting, as the materials are easy to get and the technique is very simple. Think about the size of the painting and identify a spot in your house – the place where you want to put it.

Once you’ve decided this, go to a special store and buy a canvas that fits the dimensions, colors and brushes of different sizes. Make sure the colors are oil-based, as those are better. When you’ll work on it, cover the floor with something, to avoid staining it with the colors.

Choose the colors that you like – it will add a splash of color to your house. When you’ll work on the canvas, draw whatever you like – lines, dots, mixes of colors, splashes. Anything that doesn’t look like a portrait or a building or something that you can identify is an abstract painting.

Textiles as Art

All you need are some simple frames, preferably in the same dimensions. You can get them simple as black or white, or in a contrasting color, depending on the materials/textiles that you use. The best are the square frames, as that allows you to create a kaleidoscope easier.

ArtsEtobicokeChoose different fabrics, with different textures – you can go on the same color in different shades, or you can choose contrasts, like yellow and dark-blue, red and green, black and white. Cut out pieces of cardboard that can be fitted in the frames, and glue each textile on a piece of cardboard. Make sure that the material is stretched properly and that it doesn’t have imperfections.

Press the material gently to the cardboard to make sure it is glued properly. Once the textiles are dry, fix them in the frames and create a pattern on the wall. It’s the easiest way to creating a focal point of interest in your rooms.  The idea is very simple and can be used with different frames in different sizes.

These are just two ideas to create an original piece of art to be hanged on your walls. There are so many things that you can do, and all you need is some imagination